How to Buy Denim (Ft. My Dream Jeans)

How to Buy Denim (Ft. My Dream Jeans)

Shopping for jeans is a headache. If you’re one of those people who can just pick any old pair from the High Street and look fabulous in them, start counting your blessings.

For months I’ve been looking for new denim to spruce up my casual wardrobe. The criteria? The must be high-waisted, not boring and well-fitting. I finally found them.

DSC00441.jpgJeans: Glamorous; Top: Nobody’s Child; Sandals: Office; Sunglasses: eBay

And serving 90s realness is… these amazing embroidered straight leg jeans from Glamorous! I saw a genuine retro pair similar to these in the vintage shop I work in. Needless to say, before I could go back and buy them they’d been snapped up. Ever since I have been searching for my dream embroidered jeans.

I ordered these online, so I was anxious they weren’t going to suit or fit, but I was pleasantly surprised. For anyone else looking for a denim update, I’ve compiled my top shopping tips-

Make sure they fit.
I mean really fit. Jeans give with wear, so always go a size down if you are unsure. In my opinion the cut is just as important as the size. I have always been wary of Mom jeans, but these ones go in and out in all the right places for my shape and sit nice and high.

After several failed attempts, I’ve realised that low rise jeans do not fit me. Similarly, you might find certain cuts doesn’t flatter your shape. Always focus on what suits you, rather than following trends.


Check all angles.
Any good changing room should have mirrors to show all angles. Jeans that gape at the back will always end up a wasted purchase. Be prepared to walk away and admit not all denim will suit you.

Always pay as much as you can afford.
I had a friend who swore by Primark jeans, stating they were the only ones that fit her properly. It’s fortunate her favourite denim also happened to be the cheapest, but not all of us are so lucky. Generally, cheap jeans will stretch and fade quickly and provide little warmth. If you’re serious about denim, invest in better quality. My most durable and versatile jeans cost me £50 and I’ve never regretted a penny.


Devil’s in the detail.
You’ve realised by now there’s no such thing as ‘just jeans’. And even if you aren’t going for something as prominent as my embroidered denim, it doesn’t mean you can’t find the perfect statement jeans. The wash is everything. Go darker for a smart, slimming and versatile option, or shop for pale, acid-washed jeans for youthful, summery vibes. Back pockets will lift and shape your derriere, while thick denim in a high waist style will help flatten your tum. Miraculous!

Dress up, dress down.
There’s no point having jeans if you’re not going to wear them. Denim is no longer reserved for lazy days and D.I.Y- work with the cut and colour of your jeans to create outfits that will take you from shopping to a night out. Denim + ankle boots = your wear anywhere outfit.


Good luck and happy shopping,