Too Busy to Eat Well? Think Again…

Too Busy to Eat Well? Think Again…

It’s impossible to scroll through Instagram these days without being confronted with colourful Buddha bowls, layered salad jars and the old favourite, poached eggs on toast (who knew avocado was so photogenic?!)

But despite best intentions, eating well can sometimes take second place when you’re trying to get ahead in the career game.

Thankfully, you can kick ass and be healthy. Let me show you how.


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‘Failing to prepare is preparing to fail’
Your teachers were big fans of this phrase during exam season, but it seems it still rings true in the grown-up world. There are lots of meals that are easy, cheap and nutritious cooked in bulk (chilli con carne we’re looking at you, pal) but there’s other shortcuts you can make too. Pre-bake a few potatoes to top and take to work, prep veg and store it in tupperware for super speedy curries and omelettes, and slice and freeze chicken breasts to cook straight from frozen. Plus, you’re table full of prepped meals in quirky tupperware is totally Instagramable. Because that’s what people do now.

The saviour speedy curry
If there’s two ingredients every cupboard should have, it’s coconut milk and curry paste. In less than 15 minutes you can rustle up a fragrant thai curry that tastes delicious, easily freezes and is the perfect place to hide a multitude of veggies. It won’t be long before your trusty thai curry graces the table of every dinner party and potluck (mainly because who has more than 15 minutes to spend making food for other people?)



Image: By Midori/ Creative Commons

All hail the micro-rice!
40 minutes to boil wholegrain rice? Nah, too busy slaying. Thankfully, Uncle Ben and Co. had an epiphany a few years ago and now a variety of rice (including veggie, flavoured and funky rice-chickpea-quinoa combos) can be rustled up in less than 3 minutes. Serve alongside your speedy curry or add to  a pan with mixed veg and fajita seasoning for an easy Mexican rice dish that’s perfect for work the next day.

Make breakfast  a thing
No time for breakfast, you say? Then maybe it’s time to treat yourself to a blender. Add in some spinach (not as gross as it sounds), berries, greek yogurt, oats and almond milk for a nutritious 3-minute brekkie boost. Yes, you are allowed to be smug after eating all that goodness. For those on a budget, The Breville-Active Blender is only £25, and blends directly into a handy bottle.



Pack some protein
We’ve all been there- it’s 12pm, your stomach is playing a symphony but you’re tied to your desk with 1001 things to do. This is where the mighty protein bar comes in handy. Often containing over 20g of protein, these wonderful creations are perfect popped in your handbag for emergencies. MyProtein’s Protein Cookies are a personal fave.

Can it, Janet
As a busy lady, the problem with buying fresh produce is often it just ends up in the bin. This is where canned food becomes your best friend. Add tins of tuna and sweetcorn to some wholemeal pasta, rustle up a curry using protein-packed peas and chickpeas and make a speedy sauce using tomato passata, garlic powder and dried basil. Always check the labels though- choose products stored in water without added salt or sugar where possible.