That Inbetweenie Feeling: Dressing for dull days

That Inbetweenie Feeling: Dressing for dull days

Hands up who’s ready for summer? Seriously, would it be too much to ask for the temperature to top 10 degrees?!

I’m finding it hard to find outfit inspiration right now. This constantly cold, drizzly, generally bleugh weather has me craving cosy and comfy.

But until I embrace the sports-luxe trend (never), joggers just aren’t going to cut it. Making an effort to look good on a dull day really helps to lift my mood.


The past few weeks this coat has been my staple. I’ve grudgingly accepted it’s now too warm (I use this term loosely) for my faux fur, yet still too cold for a little leather jacket or trench coat.

I picked up this camel number in Primark back in October for £25, and I remain really impressed by it. The material is super soft, almost like teased cashmere. Plus it drapes really well, creating a modern, minimalist feel.



So what does Alice do when she wears a minimalist piece? Why, teams it with a jazzy statement item, of course! Cue snakeskin print shorts.

Interesting story about these (well, moderately interesting. Feel free to skip on)- I saw these in Zara in New York back in July, and I always regretted never buying them. Then a couple of weeks ago I saw them on the website, REDUCED TO £5.99. Good things come to those who wait, it seems.


Remember when paper bag-type shorts like these were ‘the thing’? I’ve always missed that trend actually, so I appreciate the looser, longer, almost city-shorts feel of these. The 70s-inspired belt buckle and fabulous snake print gives them a 2016 update.


I don’t think I’ve actually blogged this jumper before, which is shocking as I wear it ALL THE TIME. A high neck, black jumper has long been a staple of mine, but the eyelet detailing on this one really sold it to me.

This top is interesting enough to make anything feel like an outfit, simple enough to go with everything and cosy enough that it’s one of the only pieces keeping me going until spring properly kicks in.

DSC00357.jpgCoat: Primark; Jumper: Topshop; Shorts: Zara; Boots:

So next time the weather’s getting you down? Team your latest find with something cosy, and finish with your favourite coat. Eh voila!