Monthly Archives: March 2016

That Inbetweenie Feeling: Dressing for dull days

Hands up who’s ready for summer? Seriously, would it be too much to ask for the temperature to top 10 degrees?!

I’m finding it hard to find outfit inspiration right now. This constantly cold, drizzly, generally bleugh weather has me craving cosy and comfy. Read more…


The Right to Write: Conflicts of being a journalist and a blogger

I love a good blog. We as humans are a nosy bunch and it’s hard not to enjoy an insight into someone else’s life, especially when it’s accompanied by pretty pictures. I adore perusing recipe blogs for meal ideas, and I pay more credence to the style of fashionistas than I do High Street mannequins.

Yet, through no fault of their own, bloggers are making life tough for professional writers. And as someone who has dedicated four years to the art of crafting skilled copy and creating engaging multimedia content, this is hard to swallow. Read more…

Edinburgh Fashion Week: The Outfit

For me, the best part of any event is choosing what to wear. The excitement of creating an outfit to turn heads, and to finally wear those amazing pieces that have been crying out for attention in your wardrobe.

Here’s my look for Edinburgh Fashion Week 2016. Read more…

Edinburgh Fashion Week 2016

Scotland has always taken a backseat when it comes to fashion, often being overlooked for the glamour of London.

Yet for the past several years, a small group of passionate and ultra-stylish individuals have been working hard to change that. Presenting Edinburgh Fashion Week 2016- the biggest and best yet. Read more…