How to Free Up Your Wardrobe (and Keep It That Way)

How to Free Up Your Wardrobe (and Keep It That Way)

Any fashion lover will know the perils of an over-stuffed wardrobe. Sifting through hangers becomes an intense upper-body work out, favourite items seem to be swallowed up whole and delicate fabrics end up wedged between sequins, studs, and other perilous embellishments.

Clearing out the ole’ closet may seem a daunting task, but I promise it’s easier than you think. Here’s my top tips to kickstart your spring clean.

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Ok, let’s start simple. What if I told you you can create oodles of space in your wardrobe without throwing away a thing? The trick is to fish out those rare occasion (think Halloween costumes of old) or out of season pieces (those chunky jumpers should be good to go in another week or so) and store them so they don’t hog precious wardrobe space.

Invest in some large plastic crates to keep under your bed or, if you’re really dedicated, some vacuum bags.Not only does this avoid clutter, but it will make finding that sundress much easier when the time comes to wear it. LOL jk this is Scotland; you’ll never need to wear it.

Be Brutal


We know you really really believed you’d get wear out of those one-time trendy lace cycling shorts, and that one day you’d absolutely definitely fit into that dress you loved when you were 15, but sometimes you’ve just got to cut your losses and move on.

Take a good look at your clothes and pick out the pieces you love or wear often. Then anything that doesn’t fit, isn’t comfortable or generally doesn’t make you feel like a babe has got to go. Even if you’ve never taken the tags off, unsuitable clothes are merely taking up space which could be filled by your dream outfit (a bit like men that, really).


Order! Order!


So you’ve done the hard part- clearing out. Now to arrange your left over looks for maximum outfit inspiration. Your wardrobe will instantly look neater if you arrange by length- so maxi dresses first, followed by trousers, then dresses, midi skirts etc. Not only will you have a visually pleasing display (soooo satisfying) but you’ll know exactly where everything is. Woohoo.

If you’re really taking this wardrobe reimagining seriously, invest in matching wooden hangers for all your clothes. Things will sit neatly and you won’t have to worry about hangers snapping under the strain of your Arran knits or embellished items. Plus, looking through your wardrobe will feel like browsing in a posh boutique every day and if that’s wrong I don’t want to be right.


Put. Down. The. Dress.


You’ve come this far- it would be a shame to see all your hard work go out the window after a couple of hefty Primark sprees. It’s time to rethink how you shop.

I’ve started a 24-hour rule. If I see something I think I want, I will wait at least a day before I go to purchase it. You’ll be amazed how quickly the buzz of new clothes dies down. You’ll also give yourself time to think of how to wear your new find (if you do decide you can’t live without it) so it won’t just linger in the wardrobe unworn.

How do you keep your wardrobe looking fab? Share your thoughts in the comments below!