Embrace Your Style, Not the High Street’s

Embrace Your Style, Not the High Street’s

This month, I’ve been making a conscious effort not to immediately buy everything I like, but to think responsibly about my shopping habits instead.

What I thought would just be an interesting topic for generating new blog content has actually had a profound effect on me and my style.

I think I’ve always known my personal style is a little different, yet since I was a tweenager, I’ve spent thousands of pounds on the latest trends- some I really liked and some, quite frankly, because it was ‘the done thing’ to wear them.

I’ve been branching off from the High Street for a while now, after struggling to feel inspired by the copycat looks, mass-produced in cheap materials. However, I think I finally decided that I’m over fast fashion as I was getting ready to go out with friends this weekend. Nothing I tried on felt right, either too bland or not flattering for my body shape.  I realised it was because nothing I wore felt like me. Off came the boring bodysuit and on went a bold feathery cape necklace- much better!


Does this mean my love affair with High Street fashion is over? Absolutely not, and I don’t expect you to abandon chain store clothing either. Topshop, ASOS and River Island still create statement pieces I lust over, and if you’re obsessed with that lace-up body suit you bought in New Look then you go, girl! But I’m going to think twice before buying that dress I’ve seen everyone else wearing in the club just so I look ‘right’, and maybe you should too.

Embrace your look. Just because something isn’t in style doesn’t mean it’s not stylish. And just because an outfit looks good on Kim Kardashian or Gigi Hadid doesn’t mean it should work for you.

You’ll be amazed how much more confident you feel when you wear something that inspires you.

Alice x