Look Good, Feel Good: Indie brands you need to know about

Look Good, Feel Good: Indie brands you need to know about

The idea of shopping from small boutiques and independent labels is definitely appealing- the only difficulty is finding the best ones.

So to get the ball rolling, here’s some of my favourite finds from small brands that will compliment every wardrobe.

Elsie and Fred

elsie and fred.jpg

Jacket £95; Jumpsuit £42; Shorts £38; Dress £18
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I first discovered Elsie and Fred at a vintage fair, where I was instantly entranced by the amazing elephant leather jackets. If you’re looking for clothes that are alternative yet still glamorous and very, very beautiful, you’ve got to check them out!

For the Elsies out there, this brand offers mostly party pieces, while for the Freds there’s some great vintage casual finds. Anything embellished, sparkly, statement or generally unique is right up my street and I can definitely see me rocking out in these amazing clothes on the dance floor.

Nobody’s Child

nobody's childJumpsuit £25; Dress £15; Playsuit £15
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I stumbled upon this company on Instagram (as is the case with many of my fashion finds). I was instantly impressed with the sleek, minimalist designs, and even more impressed by the affordable prices. But it was when I found out more about the brand that I was really blown away.

You see, all these fashion-forward, budget-friendly pieces are made in the UK. I’ve been waiting so long for an alternative to our fast fashion culture, and brands like this really are the way forward. Nobody’s Child  has decades of British manufacturing credentials behind it, so you can rest assured that no children in sweatshops suffered for your style.

Milk It

milk it.jpgCropped Sweatshirt £45; Vest £18
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Enjoy recycled vintage fashion, without the effort of customising it yourself. Vintage denim, 70s-inspired pieces and funky bags upcycled from leather and shearling form the basis of this collection.

Every piece is festival ready- the customised military jackets are especially striking. If you rock a casual look but would like to add a bit of detailing, this is the brand for you. Plus, this brand is exclusive to ASOS with limited numbers of customised items produced, so you can be sure no one else will have your look.

From St Xavier

xavier.jpgEarrings £38; Arm cuff £30; Turquoise bag £48; Gold bag £65
You’ll love this if you like: anything that sparkles!

From St Xavier offers probably the most beautiful ethical fashion pieces I’ve seen so far. Each item is handmade in the Himalayas for a fair wage. The styles have a rustic feel yet are on trend and absolutely gorgeous.

The collection comprises of intricate metallic and tile clutch bags, fashionable triangle necklaces and statement earrings. With the unique story behind them, these gorgeous finds make an ideal gift.

What are your favourite small brands? Share your thoughts in the comments below!