Minimal Chic: Introducing One Boutique

Minimal Chic: Introducing One Boutique

It sometimes feels like nothing gets made in Britain anymore, especially when it comes to clothing.

When even quintessentially British brands like Jack Wills ship out production to Portugal, it’s easy to lose faith in the UK textile industry. But thankfully independent brands are fighting back, creating designs that are not only stylish but affordable, too.

One such example of this is One Boutique, based in London.


Jumper: One Boutique; Boots: eBay; Necklace: Asos

Armed with the mantra: “fashion should be ethical & affordable without compromise on quality or style”, the team at One Boutique manufacture all their garments in Britain. Each item is hand checked, so quality is assured.

One Boutique’s style is very Scandi Chic- that ultra-minimalist, ‘normcore’ look that’s been big the past few years. Think flowing cuts, scuba fabrics, high necks and cut-out hemlines.


Despite normally being drawn to a ‘busier’ look, I loved the simple elegance of this soft oversized jumper. The ‘is it a dress? is it a top?’ length is perfect paired with the thigh-high trend- an item that can sometimes feel hard to style.

One Boutique specialise in simple styles that can be used as a base for a bolder look or layered together for minimalist vibes.

Think ethically; choose British,

Alice x