Monthly Archives: February 2016

How to Free Up Your Wardrobe (and Keep It That Way)

Any fashion lover will know the perils of an over-stuffed wardrobe. Sifting through hangers becomes an intense upper-body work out, favourite items seem to be swallowed up whole and delicate fabrics end up wedged between sequins, studs, and other perilous embellishments.

Clearing out the ole’ closet may seem a daunting task, but I promise it’s easier than you think. Here’s my top tips to kickstart your spring clean.

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Embrace Your Style, Not the High Street’s

This month, I’ve been making a conscious effort not to immediately buy everything I like, but to think responsibly about my shopping habits instead.

What I thought would just be an interesting topic for generating new blog content has actually had a profound effect on me and my style. Read more…

Look Good, Feel Good: Indie brands you need to know about

The idea of shopping from small boutiques and independent labels is definitely appealing- the only difficulty is finding the best ones.

So to get the ball rolling, here’s some of my favourite finds from small brands that will compliment every wardrobe. Read more…

Minimal Chic: Introducing One Boutique

It sometimes feels like nothing gets made in Britain anymore, especially when it comes to clothing.

When even quintessentially British brands like Jack Wills ship out production to Portugal, it’s easy to lose faith in the UK textile industry. But thankfully independent brands are fighting back, creating designs that are not only stylish but affordable, too.

One such example of this is One Boutique, based in London. Read more…