Twenty-Something City Does Ethical Fashion

Congrats, guys- we’ve survived January (well, very very nearly)!

I’ve been thinking a lot the past month about my style and shopping habits, and as a result I’m making February Ethical Shopping Month over on the blog.

For the next 29 days I’m going to explore ways for you to find unique pieces with a conscience, and even save money too.

So what can you expect? I’m going to show you how to shop vintage, post about some amazing brands made right here in the UK, and share my top tips for restyling your favourite items.

I’m also going to think really hard about what I buy this month and where it comes from. Will I manage a total shopping moratorium? Unlikely. But I’m going to search for amazing pieces that don’t compromise on style OR ethics.

Check back on the blog regularly this month to see how I get on.

Alice x


1 Comment

  1. Love this! Ethical shopping for the win ☺

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