My Investment Buy: How to shop smart

My Investment Buy: How to shop smart

In case you hadn’t already realised, I buy a lot of clothes. Like, a lot a lot.

But recently I’ve been trying to think more long-term when it comes to my purchases. Here’s my latest investment buy.

orange dressDress: Asos; Shoes: Primark

Everything about this dress screams ‘Alice’- the orange suede, ornate jacquard, touches of burgundy, bold yet wearable- so I could hardly believe my luck when it was half price in the Asos sale.

The main reason I was so excited by this dress is despite the fact suede is super on-trend right now, I don’t see this item looking dated in the future. Plus, look at the beautiful fabrics:


Here’s my list of things to look for when it comes to investment buys-

  • good quality material- a thin, stretchy dress is only going to last a few wears
  • A nod to trends- so it’ll feel stylish now but won’t lose its appeal in a year
  • Well-fitting- don’t be afraid to get a garment tailored if it’s not quite right
  • A unique characteristic- it could even be a small detail
  • Versatile- the best buys can be styled in many different ways

Now go forth and shop, my friends!

Alice x