Make a (Jewellery) Statement in 2016: Bigger, bolder, shinier

Make a (Jewellery) Statement in 2016: Bigger, bolder, shinier

Who doesn’t love a bit of bling? I’ve always been drawn to statement necklaces- they’re perfect for creating an outfit without really trying.

But if you’re naturally a more understated dresser, this can be an intimidating trend. Here’s my top tips for adding bold jewellery into your everyday looks.

Start Small


Necklace: New Look; Top: Pins and Needles @ Urban Outfitters

My favourite jewellery trend from 2015 was the lots of little necklaces look. This is the perfect way to fill a bare neck without overshadowing the rest of your outfit. If you’re a natural magpie you can layer up your favourites or, like me, you can cheat and buy a ready-assembled array of delicate necklaces. Easy peasy.

…Or Embrace ‘More is More’


Necklace: eBay; Jumper: Topshop

Make like Luther Vandross and accept that it’s “never too much, never too much, never too much” (no? YouTube it). Bloggers and celebrities have been all over enormous layered chandelier necklaces and this is definitely a trend everyone can embrace. How to balance this much sparkle? Use a blank canvas and watch your neckline. Wear over a round neck top or fill a deep V neck and keep other accessories to a minimum.

Necklace First, Outfit Second


Necklace: Miss Selfridge (find similar here); Top: Hot!Me$$

It was love at first sight with this showstopper. Did I know what to wear it with? Absolutely not, but it didn’t stop me from buying it. Use statement jewellery as your inspiration to build an outfit around. It’s guaranteed to help you think outside the box and style something completely different.

Fake It, Baby


Fake Septum: eBay

Sometimes it’s fun to totally shake things up. Catwalk looks featuring tribal-style facial jewellery have led to fake septum piercings and bold ear cuffs being widely available. Try eBay for some cheap, sparkly offerings to try out this trend without the commitment.

Keep it bold,

Alice x