Wear With Flare: Tackling new silhouettes

Wear With Flare: Tackling new silhouettes

No matter how hard the catwalk tries to push wide leg trousers on us, we remain fixated on a skinny fit. And as much as I love my spray-on skinnies, I thought I would embrace this new shape- and was surprisingly pleased with the results.


Flares: Topshop; Bodysuit: HotMe$$; Necklace: Boohoo; Boots: Pretty Little Thing

It was when I saw these burnt orange offerings on sale in Topshop that I finally took the plunge. Miraculously, the length fit my little legs perfectly. Who says short girls can’t work a wide leg?

I find this style surprisingly flattering.The flat front smoothes out my tummy,and the high waist teamed with the flowing leg is great for showing off a small waist and curvy behind. The key is balance- a wide leg should be teamed with a streamlined torso for the most figure-flattering silhouette.

So what was the general vibe when I wore these out?

“That’s a good outfit”– My dad. So not sexy then.

“You look like something the 70s threw up”– My sister. Ahh, sisterly love.

“They remind me of something my teachers used to wear, except not in orange”– My sister’s boyfriend. A fair point.

Clearly a girl needs a lot of confidence to rock this look but hey, isn’t that what true style is all about? And the satisfaction of kicking out those flares as you walk can’t be matched by any skinny jeans.

Alice x