Flicks on Fleek: 5 eyeliners, tested

Flicks on Fleek: 5 eyeliners, tested

I’ve been a winged liner addict since the age of 14, but getting those points on point is no mean feat.

So, fed up of failed flicks, I went on a mission to compare real results from some top-selling eyeliners.


Revlon Colorstay Liquid Eye Pen, £6.99 @ Superdrug

I’ve been wary of pen-style liners after poor results in the past, but this type of product has really come on in recent years. The benefit of a pen is it’s really easy to trace your upper lid, so this is an excellent choice for beginners. This liner has also lasted me a surprisingly long time without drying out. However, I personally would prefer a blacker black for a more intense effect.


Maybelline Master Kajal, £5.99 @ Superdrug

The worst, I repeat, WORST eyeliner I have ever used. Ever. When I saw this product I thought it was a really chunky, inky pen, when in reality it’s a stick of crayon-like liner. This eyeliner loses its crucial pointy shape quickly, deposits very little colour (the picture above makes this look much better than it was) and it actually hurt to try and draw flicks over my socket bone. Avoid.


Stila Smudge Pot Gel Liner, £13 – applied with Real Techniques Fine Liner brush, £6.99. Both @ Boots

Gel liner is perfect for an intense finish. The Stila Smudge Pot is easy to apply once you know how, but maybe not a good choice for beginners. I feel like this product will last a long time. The Real Techniques brush is good for delicate strokes, but for someone like me who goes for a chunky line, it took a while to reach the desired effect. Perfect for a precise look and lining into the corner of the eye.


Mac Penultimate Eye Liner, £18 @ Mac

Another pen, but this time with a much higher price point. I was suprised that most reviews on Mac’s website said the colour wasn’t intense enough, because I found this product created a lovely bold line. This liner was easy to use and I liked it a lot. However, it is quick to dry out- not good considering the £18 price tag.


Benefit They’re Real! Push-up Liner, £18.50 @ Benefit

Of all the eyeliners, this one gave the least consistent results. When it worked it really worked, creating an intense colour and strong line. However, I found the weird push-up style was temperamental. Often too much product would come out, making it unusable. The rectangular-angled shape was great for forming my flicks, but sometimes big clumps of the liner would gather in the corner of my eye, meaning I had to change the wing’s shape. I recommend buying the Sexy Steal mascara set (£19.50) to try a mini version of this product before you commit.

What’s your favourite eyeliner? Share your thoughts in the comments below!