Make Mine Denim: Playing with fabrics

Make Mine Denim: Playing with fabrics

Denim boots, you say? Denim? In case you hadn’t realised already, anything goes at Twenty-Something City.

I decided to experiment with textures and fabrics for a unique look.

denim boots

Top: HotMe$$; Skirt: Lavish Alice; Boots: Miss Sixty

When my mum told me she had a pair of denim boots she was going to give me, I definitely thought, “er, thanks Mum”, but I was pleasantly surprised when I saw them.

Denim certainly doesn’t spring to mind when I think of footwear. But, really, why not? Suede and leather skirts, trousers and jackets are all over the High Street right now, so I liked the idea of subverting my textures and wearing denim on my feet.

The key to wearing such a quirky garment (if you ever find such a thing- I imagine there aren’t many pairs of denim boots going about) is to tie in the denim with your colour palette. While denim on denim is much too Britney and Justin circa 2001, I think sticking to a blue colour palette is a good bet. I’ve also teamed these with a burgundy cord pinafore for another textured look.

If you fancy switching up your fabrics, why not try some of these quirky garments available to buy now?

texture collage

Denim dress: Boohoo; Leather Sleeve Jumper: Noisy May @ Asos; Feather Waist Belt: Boohoo; Faux Fur Clutch: Accessorize

Stay quirky,

Alice x