Happy Hangovers! Healthy(ish) comfort food

Happy Hangovers! Healthy(ish) comfort food

Some days grilled chicken and veg just won’t cut it. But there’s only so many Dominos a gal can eat before the guilt sets in.

I’ve compiled a handy list for days when your tummy wants a treat without the over-indulgence bloat afterwards. Plus, they are all roughly 500 calories. Happy hangovers!

Fish fingers, smilies and beans
It’s hard to match the happy tummy feeling of this childhood classic. This might not be a massive feast, but it sure can brighten a sad wintery night. For bonus good vibes consume while watching Disney films or old Nickelodeon cartoons. Who said this adult thing was stressful?


Veggie Pasta Bake
Any dish that comes out the oven bubbling is a winner, but it’s easy for this comforting dish to become overly stodgy. Try this- dice up a red onion and a pepper, mix in with a tin of chopped tomatoes and season with some dried basil and pepper. The result is a much fresher, nutrient-dense sauce compared to shop-bought offerings. Heck, why not dice up some courgette as well and serve it as a chunky veggie treat?

Bangers and Sweet Potato Mash With Peas
Just like your gran would make… with a difference. Try swapping regular mash for the sweet potato variety for a big vitamin boost and a creamy flavour. Many reduced fat sausages also taste great for a lighter alternative to a British comfort food favourite.


Fajita Salad
Just like regular fajitas, except you pile the tasty filling over crispy iceberg lettuce instead of into wraps. This is a wonderfully filling, flavoursome, low-carb option for when you need a break from regular ‘diet food’. Mash up a ripe avocado with a chopped tomato and coriander for delicious and easy homemade guac that will taste ten times better than any cream-laden supermarket alternative.

Easy Homemade Pizzas
Ok, most people don’t have time to make dough from scratch. But there are so many great pre-made pizza bases available, crying out for your most inventive topping combinations. Many of these are small- around 7″- which is enough to satisfy cravings without the high fat and calorie content usually associated with pizza. Chop up any veggies lying around in your fridge, add some cooked chicken, and serve with a fresh side salad. Pizza Hut who?

Images from Tumblr/Giffy