Help, I’m a Millennial! How to Have Fun Without Technology

Help, I’m a Millennial! How to Have Fun Without Technology

I’m back on the blog, my lovelies! Sorry it’s been so long- my MacBook decided it was done with this lifetime.

You can imagine my complete horror. Aside from the stacks of uni work I had to do, what’s a twenty-something to do without her beloved laptop?

Well just in case this nightmarish situation happens to you too, I’ve compiled a handy guide of fun stuff to do that doesn’t require spending hours online. 

Read a book
Kind of an obvious one to start with. But think about it- when was the last time you properly sat down and read a good novel, spending a whole day pouring over its carefully crafted narratives? It’s certainly true that the Internet is affecting our attention spans, so sometimes it’s good to challenge yourself and read more than a Buzzfeed listicle. Oh, and books are really interesting too. Spend the day exploring the shelves of Waterstones, or pop into your local charity shops for some bargain reads.

Make time to see friends
How often do you tell yourself that you ‘just don’t have time’ to catch up with that old friend you haven’t seen in months, despite the fact you want to? Well the truth is- you do have time. Think how many hours a day are frittered away Facebooking/ online shopping/ Netflixing… take these out of the equation and you at least have time for a coffee. I promise you will never miss the time you would have spend browsing social media.


Do some proper cooking
I’m not just talking a hasty stir fry here. Dig out that recipe book your mum got you for Christmas two years ago, and find something you’ve always really wanted to make. It could be a lasagne from scratch, an authentic curry, or you could bake some fresh bread. Most classic dishes take time and effort to make well, and if you’ve suddenly found extra hours on your hands, what better way to spend it than making your tummy happy?

Treat yourself to an adult colouring book
Remember how engrossed you used to be as a child, painstakingly trying to keep within the lines? Well thanks to a new trend of adult colouring books, you can spend hours indulging in some therapeutic scribbling. So plug in your iPod, sharpen those pencils and get creative- no artistic talent required!

Get Moving
Go for a run, head down to the park with a friend, finally make proper use of that gym membership- it’s amazing how a bit of exercise can really brighten up a dull day. And when your laptop does finally work again, think of the killer bod you’ll have to show off on Facebook. Well, maybe.