All By Myself: Tips for surviving singledom

All By Myself: Tips for surviving singledom

Being single sucks. Or at least it feels like it does to begin with.

But you know what? Life goes on. After going through a pretty rubbish break-up myself, I’ve compiled a guide for any other new singletons that I hope will ease the tough times.

Scream and Cry
Catharsis:┬áthe process of releasing, and thereby providing relief from, strong or repressed emotions. Seriously, screw pretending it’s okay. Have a big, long sob into your pillow. In fact, have many big, long sobs. If you keep holding it in, your feelings will eventually erupt. I personally find that after I’ve had a cry the world always seems a bit brighter. You will get over this but for now, let yourself feel what you feel. It’s normal.


Treat Yo’ Self
Okay, don’t get yourself into debt or anything. But even little treats can help makes things better. Buy the shoes, eat the ice cream- these things are really not important in the big picture if they help right now.

Feel Beautiful
One of the main problems with break-ups (especially nasty ones) is that your self esteem can be left in tatters. It’s important you address this and don’t let bad thoughts linger. Yes you are fabulous (he/ she wanted to be with you in the first place, no?) so embrace it. Whether that means getting dressed up even when you don’t have plans, taking a killer selfie or buying a new outfit, do whatever makes you feel good about yourself.

Change Your Routine
The thing I found hardest (and still do) is the change in my day-to-day schedule. When you’re used to spending all day every day with someone, it will be hard readjusting to solo life. So, to help make this easier, insert new things into your routine, instead of dwelling over empty spaces. Tuesdays used to be pizza night? Why don’t you make Tuesdays girls’ cocktail night or yoga night? Keeping busy will make readjusting much easier.


Become a Strong Independent Woman
As silly as it is, I am inordinately proud that I have a magical way to open even the tightest of jars. The trick is to puncture the button on the top, thus releasing the pressure. Ta dah! (Now hasn’t your life changed?) But on a serious note, the feeling of doing and achieving things on your own, no matter how small, will make you feel so empowered. You go, girl!

Beware of Rushing into the Dating Scene
The rebound tactic in truth works for few people. If you are not ready to date, it might just make you feel worse. It is important to know that being on your own is okay and when the time is right, you will find someone amazing. Also beware of dating apps (I’m talking to you, Tinder). Take them as a bit of fun and don’t get too hung up over it.

Catch Up With Friendly Faces
Now is an excellent time for chasing up people you have not seen in a while. Make an effort to go for a catch up with every one of your friends you’ve missed spending time with of late and chances are they will be just as excited to see you.

Date Yourself
Spending time by yourself is not only important but actually enjoyable. Who says Netflix and take-away sessions are solely the reserve of couples? Have a chilled night with yourself and not only can you enjoy leftovers for breakfast but you can watch whatever you want. Winning?!?!