Lady in Red: I’m in love with these PU pants

Lady in Red: I’m in love with these PU pants

It was with great sadness that I parted with my favourite black pleather jeans last week. They have served me well over the past few years but unfortunately became, ehem, too small for my ever-increasing butt.

Of course, I was straight on the case to find a replacement pair (or three).

red jeans 1

Shirt: Boohoo; Necklace: Claire’s; Jeans: Miss Glam eBay shop

Recently, the only jeans I’ve been wearing are high-waisted (with my shape low-risers give me serious muffin top!) and I firmly believe if you can remove them without use of a crowbar they aren’t skinny enough, so you can imagine my joy when I came across these lovelies. Just the right fit, the right amount of shine and a steal at under £12. That’s my kind of bargain!

The burgundy red colour reminds me of classic Buffy the Vampire Slayer episodes, so I instantly feel bad-ass once I put them on. They are way too tight for me to bust out any karate moves though. Pity.

Usually I feel a tinge of sadness as I officially say goodbye to bare legs weather, but with finds like this I am definitely on board with the colder weather. Another exciting fact- they are water proof. What more could a gal ask for?

I foresee these beauts featuring in many a blog post.

What star purchases have you made recently? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Alice x