Goodbye, Big Apple: Final Thoughts on New York

Goodbye, Big Apple: Final Thoughts on New York

So my eight weeks in New York are finally coming to an end. I am not OK with this. Where has the time gone?

With the risk of being ‘that guy’ (‘this was, like, SUCH, a life-changing, soul-searching experience, you know?’), living and working in one of the most influential cities in the world really has altered my outlook on things.

Here’s my final *sob* New York blog post.



So I feel like I haven’t really shared much about my internship. I’ve really enjoyed my time at Avenue. Some of the American journalism I’ve encountered is, quite frankly, pants, but the ladies here actually know how to write.

I’ve mostly been working on producing online articles which has been great. I’ve sourced and written my own stories on a daily basis- how many interns can say that? Plus, when it comes to using WordPress, I can make photo galleries like no-one’s business.

I also feel like I’ve developed an affiliation with the Surf Lodge (Google it) despite never having been there- but if I ever do meet Atlanta de Cadinet Taylor or Ben Watts in real life, I’ll need to remember we’re not actually BFFs, despite knowing the intimate details of every event they attended this summer. Ahh, journo problems!

New York, New York, it’s a helluva town!

imageI  feel so privileged to have spent time living and working in New York.

From roaming Williamsburg, to being a Native at a Yankees game, it’s been a summer full of memorable experiences. I would argue my personal development here has been more significant than my career development. Despite whatever else happens in my life, I have lived here. I have worked at a New York magazine. Those are two things I can be very proud of.

Will I be back? For sure. But I think coming here for business trips and holidays may suit me more than a permanent relocation.This is a magical city if you have money, but for everyone else I can imagine it can be very tough to get by here. Plus the U.S. government is not a fan of letting people into the country so I might not have a choice. Silly Greencard.

Nonetheless, I hope I can carry the New York attitude back with me to Scotland- Americans are much more self-confident and willing to pursue their dreams. If I can channel this attitude into my work back home I’m sure I’ll be successful. Next mission- deciding what to be successful in.

Always pursue your dreams,

Alice x