13 Issues All Bloggers Understand

13 Issues All Bloggers Understand

There are some great perks to be gained by blogging- invites to cool events, fabulous freebies, meeting new people… but sometimes, well, it can be a little tricky.

Here’s 13 struggles all bloggers have.

1. Coming up with a blog name
What do you mean Hipster Unicorn Wardrobe Crush is already taken?!

2. Choosing between Blogspot and WordPress
What about Wix? I hear Wix is cool right now

3. Forever thinking in blogging terms
Go out for dinner, you say? Sure, that’ll make a great blog post!

4. Blogging on the go
Creating collages and writing articles is just so much easier with a full-sized screen and proper keyboard, damn it.

5. Having a love/hate relationship with people you follow
She seems cool but I’m totally jealous of her style

6. Being ‘that guy’ and photographing everything
But this rainbow salad will look so good with the Valencia filter…

7. Obsessive review-reading before buying something new
Because there’s bound to be a cheaper dupe product out there that someone’s found

8.Finding someone to photograph your outfit
Because mirror selfies really don’t cut it. Ugh, can someone just invent a portable photo studio please?

9. Finding post inspiration
Bloggers who manage to publish something every day are way too on top of life

10. The feeling of regret when you don’t photograph a great outfit
Ok five people have complimented my look, maybe I should’ve posted this one?

11. Thinking you know someone from their blog
Just because you know what someone wore to their cousin’s birthday or that they ate a delicious carrot cake muffin from a quirky new cafe yesterday doesn’t mean you’re friends

12. Going on Lookbook following sprees
Too… many…. glamorous… people

13. Trying to make some money
Because we’d all 100% quit the day job in an instant if we could actually make some cash out of this