For One Please: Ridin’ solo in the Big Apple

For One Please: Ridin’ solo in the Big Apple

All by myseeeeelf! Don’t wanna be… actually,  sometimes it’s nice to have a bit of alone time.

Whether you’ve just moved to the city and don’t know many people, or just want to avoid the effort of socialising for a while, there’s plenty of ways to spend some one-on-one time with yourself.

Do some bargain hunting

photo 2Shopping is just so much simpler on your own. It means you can peruse at leisure and you don’t need to worry about your pal grabbing all the top finds first. Somewhere like the Chelsea Market is ideal to visit solo- it’s intimate enough so you won’t feel overwhelmed,  yet busy enough so you won’t stand out. While you’re there you can always walk the Highline too, and take in the artwork on display for free.

Visit the theatre

photo 4

There’s something about going to the movies alone that you either love or hate, but I can promise you going to see a play by yourself is much more gratifying. Theatre is so emersive, you’ll quickly forget that you’re on your own, plus people are much more likely to strike up a coversation about how good the play is in the queue for the ladies’ than they are about a film’s special effects.

Get cultural 

GetAttachmentNew York has one of the best selections of museums and galleries in the world that are a grest way to spend a lazy sunday afternoon. If you find one you really like, you could become a member and get invited to special VIP events. You might even end up rubbing shoulders with a celebrity, jus’ saaayin. (Photo credit goes to my roommate who wasn’t dying of a hangover and actually made the most of her sunday)

Feed your face at Smorgasburg 

photo 3While dining alone in a restaurant is totally cool these days  (honest!), I understand most people don’t fancy it. However, the Williamsburg food festival is a good way to enjoy alllll the food minus the social stigma. Think of it this way- if you go with a friend you’ll spend time waiting for them at the empinada stand when really your heart is set on jerk chicken. Plus, no one will judge you for buying five plates…

Visit Tiffany’s 

photo 2

Holly Golightly was onto something when she said, ‘nothing very bad could happen to you there’. The staff are delightful and the jewels are captivating.  So go on, throw on a nice frock and pretend to have money for the afternoon as you explore upper Fifth Avenue.

Grab a book, pick a park

photo 1

New York has more public parks than anywhere else in the US. So while the good weather lasts, swing by a  bookstore and camp out on the grass for an afternoon. You might even find some hot young thing with the same idea to strike up a conversation with (warning: results may vary).

So maybe it’s time you tried some masterdating in New York  (ehem, cause you’re going on dates by yourself, get it?). Everyone needs a little time-out an there’s no better city to do it in.