Friends Don’t Let Friends Shop in Chainstores: Welcome to Williamsburg

Friends Don’t Let Friends Shop in Chainstores: Welcome to Williamsburg

Forever 21 be damned! Ok, ok, i’m kidding (I got an amazing jumpsuit from there this week) but isn’t it nice sometimes to get something that’s, well, unique? That was my mission when I headed to the Williamsburg Flea.

If you’ve never heard of Williamsburg, basically it’s a hipsters’ paradise. Think plenty of wrought iron, converted warehouses and timber-filled indie bars without walls.

As I type this I’m eating a cookie the size of my head from Mast Brothers chocolate factory. Everything there is just so funkin alternative,  you’ve got to give it a visit.

The Artists and Fleas event runs every weekend, right by Smorgasburg food festival (more about that later) and not far from Bedford subway. Thankfully,  most of the vendors take card payments so even if you accidentally find yourself there, like I did, you can still shop til you drop (or your card gets declined, whichever comes first).

If you’re big on quirky jewellery and all things sparkly, this is definitely the place for you.  I managed to get my magpie sister a gorgeous little gemstone necklace that is way cooler than anything on the High Street.

photo 3

When it comes to quirky gifts, the flea has it all. My favourite find was a stall selling clocks and lamps made out of old hardback books. SUPER cool. I picked up one with Brooklyn Bridge on the cover for only $32 dollars which is the perfect, quirky momento to take back with me.

photo 4

photo 5

Now for the REALLY exciting part- my vintage clothing finds. I certainly wasn’t anticipating  buying anything for myself today, but these finds were just too good to pass on.

I couldn’t believe it when I found a vintage CHRISTIAN DIOR dress at the Gypsy Nation Vintage stall but clearly it wasn’t meant to be as it was the tiniest little thing I’ve ever seen.

I more than made up for it though. First up we have this black and gold ornate party dress. I fell in love with the gold necklace-like straps and layered skirt.


I have a black, white and red ball coming up, so I’m picturing this with red lipstick and my new Jimmy Choos. I love  when a plan comes together (maniacal laugh).

And just when things couldn’t get any more exciting,  I stumble upon one of the greatest finds of my life.

I picked up this 1970s vintage Gucci tote for $280. Not cheap, sure, but this bag is a lifer. I love that it has a history and that at least one other person has loved it before me.


So go to Williamsburg,  children- who knows what fabulous finds are awaiting you?

Alice x