The View from the Top: Living in New York

The View from the Top: Living in New York

What a week! It’s not often you get to reply to a text with ‘sorry, can’t- moving to New York’ but I got to type that exact message. Fun times.

But moving to the Big Apple has so much more significance than the brag-factor. I have never been to such a dynamic, effervescent, thriving city in all my life. The microcosm of humanity that is New York brilliantly reflects the ways of people from all walks of life and I feel so privileged to get to reside in this quirky little world.

It’s been an absolute whirlwind already but here’s some of what I’ve been up to this week


photo 2-1All ready for my first day

So the main purpose of my trip is my internship at Avenue magazine. For those who’ve never heard of it (don’t worry I hadn’t either), it’s a New York society magazine, looking at the lifestyles of Manhattan’s elite.

Despite its readers’ affluent status, the whole experience so far has been very relaxed. The office is the most inconspicuous place I’ve ever seen! But it’s a great place to start and I’m certainly enjoying it.

Taking in the skyline

photo photo 2

photo 3-1

When you imagine New York, what do you picture? For me it’s the breathtaking skyline, shaped by iconic skyscrapers.

I got to experience this view from The Top of the Rock, part of the Rockerfeller Center. This has got to be one of the best views in the city, with miles and miles of glowing lights, including those from the Empire State Building stretching out in every direction.

… Which only gets better with cocktails

photo 5

photo 4With views like these, you’ve just got to go to a rooftop lounge, right? That’s where we ended up last night. Be warned- those views will come at a price. Luckily one of my friends had a table- if you didn’t know anyone upstairs it was a $600 cover fee. Yep, $600 just to walk in the place. Cray cray.

It was very aspirational hanging out in a place like that. Imagine calling an exclusive Manhattan rooftop your regular watering hole?! One day…

Central Park

photo 3It’s unbelievable that such an enormous, luscious green space can exist in this metropolis, but New York actually has more parks than any other city in the US.

Included in the small portion I saw were the Strawberry Fields John Lennon Memorial Garden, street performers of every genre and a cute little lake, complete with row  boats. A  lovely way go round off a  crazy week.

I also got to experience insane jazz in a Williamsburg bar and eat crazy-huge slices of (admittedly not gluten-free) pizza. I love this city!

Because there’s so much going on I’m going to aim to do a round up post like this once a week- stay tuned.

Alice x