Pack It Up, Pack It Up: How to fill a suitcase without losing your shit

Pack It Up, Pack It Up: How to fill a suitcase without losing your shit

So, um, I don’t know if you’ve heard but I’M MOVING TO NEW YORK ON SATURDAY *squeeee*.

And while that’s great and all, trying to fit enough clothes to see me through three months whilst abiding to the 23kg weight limit sucks. So how did I do it? (or how I will hopefully do it. Forever living in fear that my scales are off)

Here’s my top packing tips.

Lists, lists, lists

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Call me a control freak, but I believe you can’t beat a good list. Apart from the obvious helping-me-not-to-forget-anything perk, I also found writing down everything I wanted to take and when I planned to wear it made it clear I was taking waaay too much.

I made a first/ second/ third draft of clothes to pack. I’m not joking. Give it a try- it might help you to see that the heavy sequin dress (which only goes with one pair of shoes which don’t go with anything else), fourteen crop tops and the ‘just in case I go to….’ items aren’t worth taking.

Lay it out

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While the temptation is to just shove everything in your case and be done with it, I highly recommend taking time to lay out and organise everything you want to pack. It will help you decide if the casual:going out clothes or dresses:tops and bottoms ratios are working out, plus it’s much easier to pack items which are already beautifully folded.

Play clothes Tetris

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Gaps are not only a waste of space, but they make it more likely for things to move around and get damaged. Fill holes with underwear, stuff shoes with socks, close gaps with belts… it’s amazing how everything fits together! It’s also super-satisfying to see a perfectly filled case. I have a problem, I know.

Invest in one of these badboys

photo 5

It’s all very well if everything fits in your case nicely but if it’s too heavy then no flying for you. Pick up a set of travel scales and weigh your case regularly to ensure you’re still on track for that pesky weight allowance. A word of caution: these scales are only an estimate so it’s advisable to have a kilogram or so to spare.

… And one of these

photo 2

It would be so disappointing if your case went missing after all your hard work packing. Make sure your details are visible somewhere, so your clothes can find their way back to you if worst comes to worst. It’s also a good idea to customise your case so it’s easily recognisable. You might think that totes quirky Kipling printed case you found in TK Maxx is one of a kind, but it’s not.

If one won’t do, take two!


Ok, this is where you need to get schneaky-schneaky. Lot’s of airlines, especially if you’re going long-haul, allow one piece of hand luggage and a ‘personal item’. That means you can take a second, small case as your carry-on and still take a decent size tote bag too. Think of the space! Be 100% certain your little case is hand-luggage appropriate, though, or you’ll face a second bag charge. Oh, and that your airline actually allows two pieces of hand luggage. That helps.

photo 4

Pfft, who said packing was difficult?

Enjoy your travels- I know I can’t wait to start mine,

Alice x