It’s Ma Burfday: I’m back on the blog

It’s Ma Burfday: I’m back on the blog

Apologies for being so quiet recently! Going on holiday and all the New York madness has left me with not much time to blog.

Aaaaanyway, I thought it was about time I posted my birthday outfit. This year I turned 21 and to mark this milestone I wanted an outfit that would really make me feel special.


Bralet:Urban Outfitters (it’s now on sale, yay); Skirt: Needle and Thread; Shoes: Boohoo

This gorgeous embellished pencil skirt has been hanging about my wardrobe for around a year, yet I’ve never worn it. It was one of those bargains (£129 down to £29, can you believe it?!) where you simply must buy it now and decide when to wear it later. Initially I was planning on wearing some silky culottes but after trying the skirt on a week before my party I knew I just had to wear it- never too late for a tactical outfit change, right?

The top was a frantic on-the-day find, after a similar thing I ordered didn’t show up in time. I reckon it worked out for the best though, as I really love this little lacey bralet.

The true triumph of this outfit for me though is the shoes. After my last-minute outfit change I realised I didn’t have any footwear to wear with it. Bummer. Yet by divine intervention I managed to get the very last pair of these chunky, glittery sandals which were not only super cheap but also match my skirt to perfection. Some things are just meant to be!


Keep on sparkling,

Alice x