Trousers on a Night Out? Yes, Really!

Trousers on a Night Out? Yes, Really!

Don’t get me wrong- I LOVE trousers. It’s just that when I go on a night out, I’m not satisfied with anything less than full-on glamour which, to me, usually requires legs on show.

But sometimes baring the pins just seems like too much of a chore (not to mention goosebumps galore) so for my friend’s 21st I decided to break my own fashion rule and brave it in trousers instead.

pink trousers 1

 Trousers: Missguided; Top: eBay; Necklace: Primark; Bag: Forever 21; Shoes: Dorothy Perkins

I absolutely ADORE nude/ pastel pink trousers! The only problem being I always without fail manage to get food/drinks/ make-up down myself so light colours make me nervous. But since it was just a party in the flat I thought I’d take the gamble.

The risk with pastel colours is if you pair them with other lighter hues you can end up looking overly ethereal or too summery. I love the black contrast- it toughens up the look yet looks super chic.

Don’t be afraid to challenge your own fashion standards,

Alice x