Monthly Archives: April 2015

Stripes in the Sun: Finally some heat!

So one week it snows, the next it’s 18+ degrees and fabulous sunshine. Welcome to Scotland, eh?

Of course, the problem with such a climate is it’s so hard to plan outfits or know what to buy for the upcoming month or so. This was a thrown together, items from the back of the wardrobe look so I could bare some leg and make the most of the sun.

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Trousers on a Night Out? Yes, Really!

Don’t get me wrong- I LOVE trousers. It’s just that when I go on a night out, I’m not satisfied with anything less than full-on glamour which, to me, usually requires legs on show.

But sometimes baring the pins just seems like too much of a chore (not to mention goosebumps galore) so for my friend’s 21st I decided to break my own fashion rule and brave it in trousers instead. Read more…