This Orient: A bargain sale buy

This Orient: A bargain sale buy

Sometimes a bargain seems just too good to be true. When an item is super cheap AND in my size, I’m always left wondering, “why the heck isn’t everyone else jumping on this? What’s wrong with it?”

But sometimes, just sometimes, it’s a case of being really lucky. Like this playsuit. For reasons I know not it was reduced to £6 (!), PLUS there was an extra percentage off sale items. I think it cost me around £4.80 in total. Yes, I got this playsuit for less than a fiver. I know you hate me right now.

Let’s just take a moment to appreciate the sleeve detail-

playsuit 2

Playsuit: Boohoo; Necklace: eBay; Wedges: Office

I love the oriental feel to this piece. It’s a brilliant take on the kimono trend while channeling a bohemian/ 70s vibe. I’m also a huge fan of the salmony-coral colour, and the subtle cobalt hints. I’ve played on the blue element with this muckle sparkly necklace and sapphire-style ring. It’s by pulling out details like this that you can really make an outfit, in my opinion.

Okay, this is definitely more of a summer piece but on a night out anything goes, right? I think this playsuit would be equally great with flat sandals and a big floppy hat somewhere with white sands and an aquamarine sea. Ahh, if only!

playsuit 3

Happy sale hunting!

Alice x