Monthly Archives: January 2015

The Luxe Bomber: A must-have item I didn’t know I needed

I’ve never been too sold on bomber jackets. They have always seemed just too sporty for my glam/ girly style. However, when I saw this metallic tapestry-print version from Boohoo I was smitten.

Regardless of how much I liked it, I wasn’t too sure I’d find anything in my wardrobe to wear it with- nightmare! After much experimentation, here’s how I styled my bomber.

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This Orient: A bargain sale buy

Sometimes a bargain seems just too good to be true. When an item is super cheap AND in my size, I’m always left wondering, “why the heck isn’t everyone else jumping on this? What’s wrong with it?”

But sometimes, just sometimes, it’s a case of being really lucky. Like this playsuit. For reasons I know not it was reduced to £6 (!), PLUS there was an extra percentage off sale items. I think it cost me around £4.80 in total. Yes, I got this playsuit for less than a fiver. I know you hate me right now. Read more…

Grey and Green: Layer it up for winter

As flurries of snow fall past my window and icy winds batter against the glass, I can confirm that it is officially winter.

However, in Fashion World January is pretty much spring, regardless of what the weather is like outside. I went shopping yesterday and was absolutely bombarded by white, neon brights and general spring feelings. Er, can you not.

Nonetheless, I am craving getting back into sunny day clothes, such as this khaki jumpsuit. I’ve given it a reimagining to make this spring/summer item suitable for the current climate. Read more…

Kinky Boots: How to wear knee highs

As soon as I saw these burgundy knee highs I was totally and irrevocably in love.

Finally a pair of tall boots slender enough for my legs! Plus I am a sucker for anything of a berry hue. At £109, these were a little out of my usual price range so I actually saved for them. Not only did I  crave these boots; I earned them.

Now knee-highs aren’t always the easiest thing to wear. 9/10 I think an ankle boot looks neater. But I was determined to find a way to work these beauties into my wardrobe. Read more…